The Kim Barrett Show Ep 015: 21st Century Marketing Hacks with Will Wang

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The business sector is a fast-changing industry. With the advancement of technology, we now have a variety of ways to connect with people. It’s essential to take advantage of these to develop your brand and continue to innovate business and marketing strategies.

In this episode, Will Wang talks about his experiences with B2B multichannel marketing. He also shares his insights on how to reach the right audience and provide the best solution for clients. Will is the founder and CEO of Growth Labz, a marketing agency that helps businesses implement sales and marketing systems.

If you want to learn more about B2B multichannel marketing and how to enhance your business marketing strategies, check these show highlights and tune in!

Will’s Beginnings (1:45) 

  • He has always been interested in entrepreneurship and was already involved in a business after high school.
  • He wanted to start his own business, but he thinks that being an introvert will be a challenge. So he became a copywriter and built his website.
  • He got to experiment with writing and how to approach people, eventually developing strategies to deal with big companies
  • From trading, his start-up business transitioned to offering services per entity or client, growing into an agency after four years.

Approaching Businesses (4:44)

  • The goal is to make your clients realize your product is relevant and helpful.
  • Do not “spam” them and overwhelm them with messages.
  • If you cannot let them stay, that is completely fine. 
  • Just engage people who want to be engaged.

The NOC Method (11:03) 

  • It’s about what you can help people with and connecting on a human level 
  • Filter out prospects who are are not the right fit for the business and spend more time with the right people.
  • Once your targets are filtered, devote more time to understanding them.
  • Find ways to help and offer them something of value. 

B2B Multichannel Marketing (13:31) 

  • Know your audience; capture as much data as you can on them.
  • There are software and tools that are available to aid you in finding the right email addresses. 
  • Build an email list of prospects and craft email sequences.
  • Use programs like
  • Do not send emails to generic email addresses

Direct Mail (15:39) 

  • You can use direct mail in combination with email outreach 
  • “Everyone is going online, and no one is going offline.”
  • Excellent packaging will make prospective clients curious.
  • Take note that it should fit into the overall theme of your marketing strategy and enhance your brand. 

Maintaining an Effective Marketing Strategy (20:29) 

  • Always find the most effective way to get the best results.
  • Adopt the working strategies and apply them to other clients.
  • Continue testing for different avenues and channels.
  • Never rely on one single approach. You need a back-up for the back-up.


To know more about marketing strategies, listen and subscribe to Will’s podcast, Marketing From The Trenches. You may connect with Will through Growth Labz’s website or email him at

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