What we discussed in the epsisode:

Prepare to be amazed as we peel back the layers of direct response marketing and dive deep into the heart of what makes it a game-changer. Leave behind the traditional approaches and step into a world where marketing becomes an art of eliciting direct and trackable responses from potential customers.

Get ready to uncover the hidden gems of marketing as we dive into a captivating conversation with the legendary marketer himself, John Dwyer. Join us for invaluable insights on direct response marketing and incentive-based marketing, two strategies that hold the key to unlocking extraordinary success in the business world.

If you’ve ever wondered what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary in marketing, this episode is your golden ticket to unraveling the secrets that drive immediate and measurable results.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Introduction

01:08 – Who is John Dwyer?

02:16 – John’s first foray into direct response

04:32 – The importance of direct response digital advertising

09:51 – Why advertising is important

13:41 – Using testimonials to grow  your business

17:09 – The impact of incentive-based marketing on your clients

21:29 – A little story about Jerry Seinfeld

31:53 – The importance of having the right people in your business

This week guest

John Dwyer, Australia’s renowned business marketeer and founder of The Institute of Wow, revolutionizes marketing with his ‘wow factor’ approach. With a portfolio including clients like News Ltd, KFC, and Coca-Cola, John’s innovative ideas have consistently achieved remarkable results. A notable achievement was securing Jerry Seinfeld as the spokesperson for The Greater Building Society, a campaign hailed as the ultimate “wow.” John’s unconventional thinking and boldness have led to unprecedented success, as seen in his advertising agency, trading card business, and groundbreaking TV show, Dreams Can Come True. His marketing philosophy has influenced countless business owners through Wow Factor Marketing Seminars, and his book, The Wow Manifesto, outlines his 10 Point Wow Manifesto Marketing System, setting him apart with its distinctive format and presentation.

Connect with John Dwyer:

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