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Are you searching for ways to establish meaningful connections but find yourself unsure of where to begin or hesitant to meet new people? If you’re nodding your head, then this episode is just for you!

Join us as we delve into the world of networking with the insightful Brandon Fong, renowned for creating the transformative Magic Connection Method and serves as the host of the highly regarded 7-Figure Millennials Podcast. In this captivating conversation, we explore Brandon’s unwavering passion for fostering genuine connections, his inspiring journey of overcoming fear in order to connect, his tried-and-tested formula for networking success, and an abundance of invaluable insights..

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary episode that’s sure to leave you equipped with the tools you need to enhance your networking skills. Tune in now and unlock the power of meaningful connections!

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Welcome to another episode of The Kim Barrett Show

01:15 – Brandon’s passion for connection

05:30 – Leveraging skills in networking

09:23 – Overcoming the fear to connect

15:07 – The WRONG way to make outreach messages

18:40 – Brandon’s Formula for making connections

23:07 – Asking ‘No’-oriented questions

26:26 – The concept of ‘worthiness’

29:33 – Connect with Brandon

This week guest

Brandon Fong is the creator of the Magic Connection Method and host of the 7-Figure Millennials Podcast that is all about helping heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs to prioritize their happiness, health, and relationships while making their big entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Connect with Brandon Fong:

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