What we discussed in the epsisode:

In today’s episode, we dive into the ever-evolving realm of social media marketing, joined by a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of experience and insights. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Ashley Ann, an expert in the field, to share her expertise with us.

Throughout our conversation, we explore the captivating world of social media, covering a wide range of topics. From discovering the most promising new platforms to uncovering the latest trends shaping the industry, and from devising effective strategies for TikTok and Snapchat to unearthing hidden gems of wisdom, Ashley Ann leaves no stone unturned.

So, whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a marketing professional, or someone curious about the power of digital engagement, this episode promises to be a treasure trove of valuable knowledge. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of social media marketing and gain valuable insights to succeed in this ever-dynamic landscape.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Introduction

01:16 – How Ashley Ann found her potential for business

06:59 – Ashley Ann’s journey into the social media strategy business

11:52 – How audiences are responding to new social media platforms

16:36 – Social media trends in 2022

21:32 – The best social media platform for business growth

24:25 – Biggest mistakes people do that prevent success

27:02 – Connect with Ashley Ann

This week guest

Ashley Ann is a gifted business builder & entrepreneur. She assists people with excelling in social media lead generation, local, nationwide, and international sales, lead magnets, funnels, and return paths. Her offices are based in Little Rock, AR and Dallas, TX.  

In the business world, She is known for getting results, simplifying social media strategy, and helping Over 6000 people monetize their social media platforms. She has helped over 100 clients hit 7 figures!

Connect with Ashley Ann:

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