What we discussed in the epsisode:

Are you struggling with closing deals or finding high quality sales gigs?

Becoming an expert in sales is not as challenging as it seems!

In today’s episode of The Kim Barrett Show, we’re talking about the best and most effective way to increase your close rates–while decreasing your call times!

CEO and Sales Performance Coach Mitch Sapoff joins us today to talk about his Rapid Close Method, a unique approach to sales. We discuss turning prospects into customers, building your network, creating an engaging sales pitch, and other strategies that will surely make you a leaderboard-topping, record-breaking salesperson!

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Introduction

04:40 – From professional singing to sales: Mitch Sapoff’s career breakthrough

06:26 – What is the Rapid Close Method?

10:49 – The challenges of closing deals

13:33 – Worst case scenarios for business owners

18:26 – Salespeople are not your saviors

23:06 – The best way to handle slump management

This week guest

Mitch Sapoff is the CEO and Sales Performance Coach of RapidCloser. Through his Rapid Close Method, which he says can “close high ticket offers faster than Jordan Belfort can sell a pen”, he helps sales professionals increase their close rates, decrease their call times, and find high quality sales gigs.

Connect with Mitch Sapoff:

⏩ Website https://www.rapidclosemethod.com/apply-now-rcm

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