What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. What Brian does for a living [1:30]
  2. Brian’s secret ingredient for having an unstoppable life [2:33]
  3. How Brian started and scaled his branding company [5:13]
  4. The challenges and opportunities he faced during the lockdown [6:46]
  5. The story behind the Unstoppable Beard [8:45]
  6. Aligning his product line with his company’s brand and values [10:09] 
  7. What does it mean to become unstoppable? [11:47] 
  8. Brian and his wife’s journey in hiring and growing their staff [16:26]
  9. The strategies they did to settle the right systems in place [18:20]
  10. Systematic approach vs. shotgun approach [21:46]
  11. Focus on the one big thing [22:54]
  12. Doing the things that you love in your life [26:30]

This week guest

Brian Swan is a father, surfer, and entrepreneur with an “Unstoppable Family” creating the Freedom-Preneur movement, which served tens of thousands to leap from corporate life to becoming online entrepreneurs. Co-founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, Brian has built multiple businesses online from e-commerce, consulting, marketing, and branding while specialising in strategic business development. Brian also launched the Unstoppable Beard, a worldwide skincare product company for grooming, styling, and maintaining beards, in 2020. 

Connect with Brian and drop by his website at https://www.officialbrianswan.com/ to discover more about what makes him unstoppable.

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