What we discussed in the epsisode:

• Introduction [0:00]

• What does Chris Bello do? [1:13]

• What is a property connector? [2:33]

• Top channels that Chris uses to bring in more ideal clients [5:29]

• How Chris got into property and real estate [7:55]

• Another way of being intentional is not just doing what you want to do [9:39]

• Navigating through challenges such as COVID [13:37]

• Worry about the things you can control not the things you can’t [16:34]

• What kind of goals should you be setting for yourself? [19:08]

• Perfect example of why you need to dig a well before you get thirsty [21:47]

• Why Chris believes in the saying that goes “what goes around, comes around” [23:22]

• Chris gives tips on how to become more effective around productivity [25:12]

• The true hack to becoming more productive is NOT 24/7 availability [28:23]

This week guest

Chris Bello is a Property Connector, a Real Estate Agent & Investor who can help you buy and/or sell Real Estate anywhere. He is also the host of a top-rated podcast, namely The Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast. Chris’ mantra is “whatever’s coming in the future, you just do the best that you can with a positive attitude.” Chris exudes positivity and optimism that is so infectious because he believes that you don’t have to worry about the things that you can’t control.

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