What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. What drew Mike into buying and building internet companies [1:40]
  2. The factors to look for when partnering with a business [5:27]
  3. Consistencies and mistakes that most companies do [9:08]
  4. Finding and creating a front-end type of offer [10:36] 
  5. Get people to the next step with a good copy [11:46] 
  6. Lead magnet: showing the actual outcome vs. selling the click [12:35]
  7. Inject curiosity in your copy [14:20] 
  8. Add an element of education [15:25] 
  9. The hurdles that Mike faced in partnering with and buying businesses [17:41]
  10. Living the 5-20-100 principle [21:28]
  11. Mike’s new project [22:46]

This week guest

Mike Giannulis is a copywriting genius, leader, and entrepreneur who helps several business owners scale their company from start-up to seven and eight-figure revenues. With a solid background in product and content marketing, Mike helps copywriters produce better ads through his newsletter Copywriter Brain, where he gives free weekly advice about copywriting tools and strategies. Mike is the co-founder of Sanetris LLC, a thriving international health and wellness company, and has been featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover in 2012 for losing 300 pounds. 

Connect with Mike by visiting his website at onlyonemike.com. Need help writing long-form copies for your sales page, landing pages, blog posts, and more? Sign up on the pre-launch of Mike’s newest writing software here to get exciting early bird offers!

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