What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. Ad accounts are getting banned left and right [01:15]
  2. Facebook is just trying to remove the bad players [04:10]
  3. How Kim navigates Facebook to keep his ad accounts working [07:04]
  4. It’s not about how much you’re spending, but knowing what you’re doing [09:16]
  5. How Kim is tackling Facebook marketing in 2021 [12:04]
  6. The impact of the Apple iOS 14 update [14:29]
  7. Should people let Facebook track them? [18:37]
  8. With the changes in pixels and tracking, what is Kim doing differently now [21:42]
    • A quick story about screwing up the Messenger bot [23:20]
    • Does Google have an unfair advantage? [25:26]
    • Can you kill it with Messenger bots? [26:26]
  9. The opportunity with Instagram DMs [29:51]
  10. Where to get the biggest wins in online marketing [32:07]
  11. What marketers should stop doing [35:24]

This week guest

Charley Valher is a business owner and educator. He is the Chief Podcast Officer at Valher Media, where he helps clients improve and grow their show. He is also the co-founder of Outsourcing Angel, a company that assists clients with their growth through the help of virtual employees. Charley is known for his approach to business, creating time and leverage to scale. His expertise includes building systems and processes for companies, virtual assistants and teams, podcasting, and joint ventures, among others.

If you want to connect with Charley, you can connect with him through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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