What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. The nuts and bolts of Donnie Boivin’s work [01:45]
  2. The fastest route to business freedom [05:01]
  3. People want to deal with people [06:37]
  4. Donnie’s inspiration behind his book [08:05]
  5. His journey from hitting rock bottom to being a success champ [09:08]
  6. The rationale behind writing his book [13:33]
  7. The type of business owner who should read the book [17:28]
  8. The marriage of sales and marketing is essential  [20:32]
  9. The one move that can scale your business [21:57]
  10. TikTok: The newest game-changing marketing platform [27:06]
  11. How to make TikTok work for you, dance moves not necessary [30:20]
  12. You won’t know if it works unless you test it [33:04]
  13. Looking at the revenue model: You have to play the long game [34:49]
  14. Why TikTok? Ticking the TikTok checkbox [37:00]
  15. What got Donnie into the sales game [42:44]

This week guest

Donnie Boivin is the CEO of Success Champions, an organisation dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. He is also the owner and editor of Success Champions Magazine and hosts his own podcast, the Success Champions Podcast.

Want to learn how to create content in a short amount of time? Text “I am a Success Champion” to 817-318-6030 and get a free training video.

You can find Donnie at the Success Champions Podcast or connect with him through LinkedIn.

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