What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. Where the No Bullsh!t leader comes from [01:25]
  2. Value creation and confidence as measures for leadership  [03:38]
  3. Leadership during the coronavirus [06:34]
  4. Leaders turn ambiguity and uncertainty into competitive advantage [08:51]
  5. The mindset for dealing with ambiguity [11:03]
  6. Are leaders born or made? [12:18]
  7. Identifying someone who is a leader [13:26]
  8. Diversity is important, so hire what you don’t have [16:37]
  9. Avoid giving someone too much rope [19:15]
  10. The whole concept of a strong leader [23:26]
  11. The differences between being the CEO and training CEOs [24:40]

This week guest

From university drop out to CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, Martin Moore forged a successful 30+ year career working for a range of major businesses across multiple industries.

He demonstrated career agility before it was trendy, holding senior executive roles in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and IT. 

Best known as the CEO who turned around CS Energy, he led his team to implement sustainable culture change, driving EBITDA from $18m to $441m, a compound annual growth rate of 125%. 

Martin is now pursuing his true purpose; to improve the quality of leaders globally, each week reaching tens of thousands of leaders in over 70 countries with his chart-topping, 5-star rated podcast ‘No Bullsh!t Leadership’.

A life-long learner with insatiable curiosity, Martin holds an MBA from the QUT Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

To get access to practical tools and resources for improving leadership in your organisation, check out Your CEO Mentor.

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