What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. What made Anthony get hooked into LinkedIn [01:40]
  2. Focusing on the scarcity of LinkedIn ads [02:59]
  3. How LinkedIn ads are different from Google and Facebook ads [05:25]
  4. The targeting options are more concentrated [06:21]
  5. You pay for clicks, not for impressions [07:09]
  6. Audience size on LinkedIn is much smaller and more specific [08:42]
  7. The ads tend to be more direct than evoke curiosity [10:22]
  8. Image ads perform best in terms of pure conversion rate [11:32]
  9. Best type of ad campaign for beginners to test [12:37]
  10. Track website conversion rates in your ads by putting insight tags [14:28] 
  11. Re-target your LinkedIn ads on Facebook for cheaper cost [17:03]
  12. Assets that work effectively for top of funnel marketing [18:39] 
  13. Capture the minimal amount of information as possible [20:53] 
  14. The challenges and strengths of LinkedIn marketing [21:51]
  15. People tend to consume less video materials on LinkedIn [23:26]
  16. LinkedIn is not a great fit for everybody [25:46]

This week guest

Anthony Blatner is a LinkedIn Ads Expert and the Chief Marketing Officer of Speedwork, a marketing and advertising firm that helps B2B companies get great customers with LinkedIn ads. Transitioning from the software and technology-related industry to the marketing space, he is able to discover the ways that perform best in the platform to reach and attract professional buyers at scale. 

Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn or send him an email at anthony@speedworksocial.com. You can also visit their website for more information on how LinkedIn ads work. 

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