What we discussed in the epsisode:

1. How Erik Cabral’s company started [1:49]
2. What attracted and pulled Erik into the world of podcasting [3:29]
3. The benefits of having a podcast [5:35]
4. Podcasting is not traditional radio [6:08]
5. Podcasting as an opportunity to build relationships and get meaningful conversations [7:10]
6. Erik’s incredible way of promoting his podcast [8:54]
7. People love to see things outside of its normal element [10:30]
8. The most effective and consistent strategy of promoting a podcast [13:06]
9. Why you should start a podcast and what’s in it for you [15:36]
10. Podcasting can inspire people the same way music can do [19:00]
11. Erik’s mindset shift to continue moving forward [21:03]

This week guest

Erik Cabral is a father, stock investor, creative consultant, dedicated podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. After leaving corporate America in the last 20 years, Erik jumped into real estate investing to achieve financial freedom and built several businesses to share his decades of experience in creative, branding, and marketing and help others leverage the power within the podcasting platform. Erik is the founder of the media agency, On-Air Brands; the innovative networking and podcasting event PodMAX; the real estate investment company Mindado Investment Group; and host and producer of Entrepreneurs Circle, Capital Hacking, On Air Brands LIVE, Cashflow Ninja, The Hidden Entrepreneur, and True MultiFamily. 

Connect with Erik by visiting his website. You can also listen to his podcast show, Entrepreneurs Circle, where he talks with great practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship.

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