What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. Chef Pete Evans’ background and what he is working on [2:35]
  2. How Pete navigates around the negativity towards his beliefs and products [6:41]
  3. Pete’s way of managing backlash [13:13]
  4. Understanding the trigger and agenda of people to stay authentic [17:42]
  5. The huge change in the media landscape [26:13]
  6. The calculated effort to protect certain industries [30:04]
  7. Pete’s experience with Rythmia Life Advancement Center [32:20]
  8. Pete’s daily routine of setting an intention [37:40]

This week guest

Pete Evans is a chef, author, and TV presenter. He has published several cookbooks and has created his own TV show, The Paleo Way. He is known as one of the judges in the competitive cooking show, My Kitchen Rules. Between doing interviews and working on health-based documentaries, Pete sees himself as a student of life and likes to share the information that he has accumulated over the years.

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Take advantage of his free, 10 week Paleo program called The Paleo Way.

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