What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. Where the No Bullsh!t leader comes from [01:25]
  2. Value creation and confidence as measures for leadership  [03:38]
  3. Leadership during the coronavirus [06:34]
  4. Leaders turn ambiguity and uncertainty into competitive advantage [08:51]
  5. The mindset for dealing with ambiguity [11:03]
  6. Are leaders born or made? [12:18]
  7. Identifying someone who is a leader [13:26]
  8. Diversity is important, so hire what you don’t have [16:37]
  9. Avoid giving someone too much rope [19:15]
  10. The whole concept of a strong leader [23:26]
  11. The differences between being the CEO and training CEOs [24:40]

This week guest

Danny May is a global AI tech entrepreneur and industry speaker who founded Lingmo, a translation and transcription software startup. Without any IT or AI background, he taught himself what he needed to know to help the company grow with his partners. The idea for Lingmo came after an embarrassing encounter with a Chinese police officer while trying to communicate with a competitor’s translation app. Since then, Lingmo has partnered with global giants such as IBM and Zoom. 

You can connect with Danny May through LinkedIn.

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