What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. Numbers are the sexy side of business [2:52]
  2. Why most entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to their finances [3:59]
  3. The data that entrepreneurs often miss out [4:50]
  4. Getting the right level of detail in bookkeeping [5:42] 
  5. Business owners should not be doing the books [6:53]
  6. Important things that business owners should check in their books [7:51]
  7. Hire an external bookkeeper that knows how to ask questions [9:09] 
  8. The growth of your business relies on the way you handle bookkeeping [10:12]
  9. Analyze your revenue before bringing in new costs to your business [12:55]
  10. It’s okay to be ambitious but always plan for the worst case scenario [15:50]
  11. How your staff cost ratio impacts your business’ revenue [17:10]
  12. Prioritize cash flow over your revenue and profit [21:17]

This week guest

Rob te Braake has been coaching entrepreneurs to get clarity and valuable insight into their business, goals, and numbers. Rob’s career in the corporate world gave him a deeper understanding of interpreting numbers and translating them into a business perspective. Rob is also the founder of Insight Matters, where they provide financial reporting and analysis to small & mid-sized agencies, including KPIs and business strategies. 

Connect with Rob on LinkedIn or drop by his website to find out more about their services. Want to have a financial game plan from Rob’s awesome team? Click here to get a 25% discount!

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