The Kim Barrett Show Ep 033: Becoming a Freedom Fighter with Blake Nubar

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Who here doesn’t want to reach financial freedom? If you’ve been working the regular 9-5 job and getting tired of the corporate hustle, then starting an online business might be an opportunity you should take. 

Today, my good friend, Blake Nubar, tells us how you can go about and start your own online business. Blake reveals the first steps you’d need to do. On top of that, we have a lot of great resources to help you finally get started making money on the internet. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to finally start your online business, so get on this episode now!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. The people who want to start an online business [03:19]
  2. The baseline of financial freedom [05:54]
  3. The beauty of the internet [09:39]
  4. The process of teaching others to make money online [10:27]
  5. The first steps for leveraging going online [13:55]
  6. Prioritizing being good at something and building relationships [18:59]
  7. The importance of having a vision or plan [27:03]
  8. What newbies can do to learn about digital marketing [30:39]

About Blake Nubar

Blake Nubar helps people achieve financial freedom by leveraging the power of the internet to sell what they’re good at, whether it’s a product or service. He is the record holder for the fastest 2 Comma Club Award for clickfunnels.

He has a Facebook community called the Freedom Fighters for people who want to learn more about digital marketing. Anyone can join Blake’s Facebook group.

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