The Kim Barrett Show Ep 038: Building an Online Wine Empire – A Vinomofo Story with Justin Dry

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Growing a business into having a global presence is no mean feat. It takes some savvy business skills and being a whiz to be able to scale like that. 

Hearing about the journey to the top is going to be filled with lessons we can pick up and maybe even apply to our own business.

We have an amazing show today as we talk with Vinomofo CEO Justin Dry. Vinomofo has built a name in Australia and around the world. They’ve also been able to create partnerships with the biggest wine producers. We find out how they did all of that and more right here.

So grab a glass of your favourite vino and listen now to find out about their phenomenal story.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. A wine company winning a tech award [02:30]
  2. Turning passion into a business [04:14]
  3. Building friendships with small and medium wine producers [07:39]
  4. Best moments closing famous wine deals [12:37]
  5. Good wine and capturing memories [15:07]
  6. Best tasting wines he’s had [17:45]
  7. Volume play and multi-market distribution [19:14]
  8. Growth and the move to direct-to-consumer [21:56]
  9. The biggest mistake he’s made [25:00] 

About Justin Dry

Justin Dry is the CEO and co-founder of Vinomofo, a wine delivery startup. Wine played a big part in his life. Growing up, his family got him to do blind tastings, and he was a full on wine nerd by the time he was 18. Wine was his passion, but he didn’t get into it immediately. He had a career as a stockbroker and property development before he finally decided to get into the wine business after losing his money.

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