The Kim Barrett Show Ep 002: Building Your Empire with the Right People and the Right Moves with Elena Cardone

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Have you ever wanted to succeed and build your empire and don’t know where to start? We’ve got the answers for you.

Today, we have actress, model, and businesswoman Elena Cardone on the show. She is also a competitive sports shooter, a public speaker, and an empire builder. Elena has inspired many people to live an extraordinary life and create their own empires. Together with her husband, Grant Cardone, they have built a real estate portfolio of almost a billion dollars. And they continue to grow.

Elena shares with us her insights and experiences with building empires. From choosing the right people, making the right moves, to finding balance and happiness—we have it all in this jam-packed episode.

These are only the highlights, so listen to the episode for all the exciting and value-adding things we have in store for you.

Martial arts—how Elena started, and how does it benefit her? (01:54)

  • Elena is a competitive shooter. During a tactical shooting course, she had to fight with opponents and ended up getting a stress fracture.
  • She realized her weakness, and she wanted to stand a chance should she ever be in a situation that would require her to fight.
  • Martial arts, in a way, feel very similar to the entrepreneurial world.
  • It transformed her and taught her respect, confidence, strength, and control.

Life and business are like martial arts, like chess. You need to be calculated about the moves you make. (08:05)

  • In the beginning, it was all trial and error.
  • You can’t afford to stumble. It goes way beyond the consequences for the next day.
  • When you start doing things that are not within your standards, you also begin to give allowances and tolerate people. 
  • When you do, you let them in your world, and it can get polluted.
  • When you hold yourself accountable, it’s easier to spot red flags.
  • There is a lot at stake—investors, clients, time, respect, trust.

Part of building an empire is knowing the right people to let in, especially with so much at stake. (12:00)

  • Observe and analyze people; collect data.
  • Ask yourself if they are really on your team.
  • No one is perfect; people make mistakes that you can tolerate. But are these mistakes constant?
  • Find people who can be tough on you to enhance your strengths, but steer you away from weaknesses.

Another crucial aspect is allocating priorities. (18:04)

  • Identify the end zones.
  • Creative visions and ideas are important.
  • Accept and embrace your weirdness, which can bring about brilliant ideas for change and innovation.
  • Don’t put yourself in the same box as everyone, don’t put labels. Take advantage of your skills and talents.

Why “Empire?” (26:14)

  • Elena mentions that she thinks of an empire as something bigger than a kingdom.
  • How big can it go? What can it do and create? Can it build a legacy, something that will surpass you?
  • If you have an empire and you’ve worked hard for it, challenges may hurt you, but they will not take you down.
  • You have people to support you and people that are loyal to you.
  • At the same time, you can help them and create jobs for them.
  • It’s greedy to have something that can help people and not share it with them.

You create and find balance and happiness in life and your business. (30:02)

  • If you are still looking for an endpoint to what you are doing, then it probably means you are doing the wrong thing.
  • If you are happy now, why would you need to get to a finish point?
  • Happiness is working toward your goal and overcoming barriers; it’s not just a sensation.

That’s it for today! I hope you learned a lot. Connect with Elena through Twitter or visit her website. Check out her book, Build An Empire for more on what discussed today.

Coming soon: Elena Cardone Build an Empire University.

Thanks for tuning in. See you in the next episode!

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