The Kim Barrett Show Ep 034: Crisis-Proofing Your Business with Richard Bell

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We’re in the middle of a crisis. Businesses have shifted online as non-essential offices or stores are closed down. As a business leader, waiting out this crisis is the worst plan to have.

There is tremendous growth that could happen during times of uncertainty. Opportunities are out there. But what should companies be doing now?

In today’s episode, we have Richard Bell, who is here to share some strategies that business owners can use as we’re going through the Coronavirus crisis. You’ll get a few key takeaways as he tells us what he is working on with his businesses right now.

If you’re still unsure how to take your business forward during this pandemic, then tune in to the show now!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. His unconventional approach to things [04:29]
  2. Why it’s important to focus on the future [05:39]
  3. Common mistakes made during this crisis [09:20]
  4. The need to adapt and add value [13:51]
  5. The opportunity in marketing to get your message out [15:36]
  6. Identifying the right time to sell your business [17:20]
  7. How companies during or after this crisis [20:43]

About Richard Bell

Richard Bell is leader of the Business Leaderz Group, an investment advisory firm. He has helped over 100 businesses all over the world grow, scale, and expand in the market. The companies he advises for are typically in the $5-50M revenue space.

His company also has an investment mandate, which is 100% of his own personal funds. He has bought in and out, and done a range of different things. He has shareholdings in companies such as The Entourage Education Group, gym franchise Fitstop, on demand mobile massage service ZenNow, and media company Unfiltered.

You can connect with Richard through his Instagram.

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