The Kim Barrett Show Ep 024: Cultivating Engagement with Julia Mann

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In this digital era where everyone is producing massive content far and wide, how can one say their hard work is reciprocated? You may want to check your community – is your audience engaged? By cultivating engagement, you create strong followership, offer value, and you know where that leads next.

Today, we’re chatting with Julia Mann of Lash Tribe to talk about the value of building a community. This amazing woman has massive followership on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. And today, she’s going to reveal her insider secrets. If you’re curious how she nailed it, then tune in to this episode to learn more about how you can grow your audience and keep them engaged.


What we discussed in this episode:

  • Where she started to build her community online
  • Where to draw the line in giving valuable content
  • The secret sauce to driving traffic from Pinterest
  • How to grow your audience on Instagram and YouTube
  • Why you need to be in all social platforms these days
  • The top hack to Julia’s success story in cultivating engagement
  • Tips on maximizing social media as a marketing tool

About Julia Mann

Julia Mann is an award-winning business growth coach and social media strategist. A creator of multiple successful six-figure businesses, she believes that business should be simple. Author of Building an Online Following Who Buy, she helps fresh and struggling entrepreneurs to find simple and easy to implement strategies that will grow their business in any niche.

Check out Julia’s website. You can also reach her on Facebook and Instagram.

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