The Kim Barrett Show Ep 057: How Dessert Boxes Turned Their Instagram Stories Into A Sitcom with Samantha Khater

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Who knew dessert boxes were the solution to boring gifts? This brilliant idea came from siblings who wanted to bring excitement back to receiving gifts. 

From cheeky greetings to phallic-shaped pastries, the team never failed to turn heads and grab attention online in the most hilarious way. 

We *virtually* sat down with Samantha Khater from Dessert Boxes to find out how they were able to build an engaged audience and blow up on social media, most especially on Instagram.

Whether you love them or not, their approach to keep an engaged following works a treat, so tune in!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Putting an end to boring gifts [01:17]
  2. Disrupting the industry with explicit posts [02:15]
  3. Improving relatability by turning team members into characters [05:04]
  4. The sibling dynamic at work [07:27]
  5. Content targeted to a niche and the hate that follows  [09:05]
  6. Their marketing strategy for Facebook and Instagram [12:20]
  7. The process for creating characters and their content [13:19]
  8. A business built on friendship and authenticity [14:29]
  9. You can’t fake what’s going to happen [15:38]
  10. How cheeky messages freed people to say what they really want [18:21]
  11. The game of capturing attention in a noisy environment [21:28]
  12. Sales as a by-product of your value provision [24:02]

About Samantha Khater

Samantha Khater is the designated Social Media Queen at Dessert Boxes. As the hilarious and uncensored voice of the cheeky gift company, she steered the business to cause a disruption in an industry at times seen as boring. With her two siblings in tow, Samantha built a phenomenal social media presence that allowed them to attract an engaged audience and build a highly successful company. 

To know more Samantha and Dessert Boxes, head over to their Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages.

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