The Kim Barrett Show Ep 030: How This “D” Will Help Maximise Your Marketing with John Wall

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Data is a rich source of abundant information that any organisation can benefit from. The key is knowing what kind of data to collect and being able to analyse it to gain a better understanding of your market and business.

In today’s episode, John Wall of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast joins us. As a partner in Trust Insights, he is a big fan of data. He breaks down how small business owners can get started collecting data, making sure it’s secure, and leveraging it to get insights. We also do a segue and let John talk about how he grew his podcast. 

As a small business owner interested in taking their marketing data into the next level, you should not miss this episode.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. The importance of having good data [2:12]
  2. Key areas business owners should focus on [3:19]
  3. John’s background and the shift to data [4:20]
  4. Technology and the current coronavirus crisis [7:57]
  5. The realities in the startup world and starting his own company [11:32]
  6. Growing his podcast into a business [14:35]
  7. Reaching critical mass and leveraging his audience [17:06]
  8. Avenues and tips for growing a podcast [19:11]
  9. Useful tools for collecting data [21:30]
  10. New gear and looking to the future [25:17]

About John Wall

John Wall is a partner at Trust Insights, a marketing data and analytics consulting company. He is also the producer of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast, which he co-hosts with Christopher Penn. 

You may also reach John on Twitter and LinkedIn

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