The Kim Barrett Show Ep 055: How To Catch Bigger Fish For Your Business with Tony Guarnaccia

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The pandemic has certainly pushed businesses to pivot and adapt to the new normal. But most still wonder whether things will continue as they are and would things change.

For those that are struggling, it’s not yet too late. You can still plan for your future that can include growth and profitability. All it takes is the right mindset.

We talk all about business crisis management today with Tony Guarnaccia. We go over how you can manage your business and optimise it during these crazy times and how you can navigate the waters to get the outcome you want.

If you’re a business owner that’s stuck during this crisis then this episode is a must for you!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Helping businesses that are stuck [01:06]
  2. Smart things done by businesses during this uncertain time [02:11]
  3. Now is the time to plan for the future [06:50]
  4. The six steps in Tony’s ‘Results Loop’ [08:42]
  5. Top two things often lacking in companies [10:24]
  6. The long-term impact of the new normal [12:00]
  7. Local businesses can still win by building relationships [14:57]
  8. The differences between what is done by top companies vs. small ones [17:41]

About Tony Guarnaccia

Tony Guarnaccia is on a mission to share with businesses exactly what they need to do to grow and be more profitable. He shows them how to do it and gives business owners the resources to make it happen so they have full control over their own growth.

Over the past 20 years, Tony has worked with over 10,000 small businesses including top companies like Fortune 500, Google, ADP, and Ford.

Get access to the best parts of Tony’s upcoming book, Small Steps, Grow Profits by grabbing the free copy of his manifesto.

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