The Kim Barrett Show Ep 008: How to Grow Your Business With Confidence and Certainty Using Instagram with Brooke Vulinovich

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The trend nowadays is to go on social media for everything. Products, services, marketing, ads — you name it, you’ve got it all on social media. And what better way to learn about social media than from Perth’s social media queen herself?

Our guest for today is Brooke Vulinovich, Instagram specialist, founder of Villa Management and creator of the global Social Club Membership and Academy. Brooke teaches businesses worldwide how to leverage the power of Instagram and how fun and easy it can be to connect with their customers online.

To find out more about Instagram marketing, growing your business and making it thrive on Instagram, make sure to tune in to this episode and check out the show notes for some really valuable ideas.

About Brooke and Villa Management (2:01)

  • Brooke teaches Instagram marketing and helps businesses grow and thrive on the platform.
  • Brooke’s ultimate goal is to help people get sales whether they have 10 followers or 10 million followers.
  • Brooke has worked with thousands of business owners who were so focused on getting followers – she has helped them overcome this problem.

Understanding Instagram (3:26)

  • Instagram doesn’t stop at gaining followers, understand the benefits you can get from having followers.
  • Having a connection with your followers is more important than getting a massive following.
  • The right followers mean you’re hitting the right target market, therefore gaining sales.
  • Size doesn’t always matter.
  • You don’t need to be a marketing whiz or a technological genius, you just have to do simple but consistent steps.

The Social Club (7:47)

  • Brooke was teaching workshops for about two years.
  • Brooke sent out Instagram tips along with her emails and noticed that she got good open rates.
  • Brooke realized that combining online workshops with her emails would allow her to scale her business and reach out to a global market at a faster pace.
  • The Social Club was born and it became Brooke’s entire life.
  • The Social Club is the main service that Brooke offers.
  • The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the marketplace.
  • The Social Club is working because of Instagram’s ever-changing platform.
  • There are no shortcuts to success. Everything takes hard work.

Social Media Marketer Vs Advertiser (15:32)

  • Social media marketers are organic while advertisers are paid.
  • Brooke doesn’t talk about the numbers as a social media marketer. She’s more on teaching confidence.
  • When you’re organic, you can’t be a “numbers” person because you build as you go.
  • Brooke says money is a good place to start in business, but it’s not always everything.

Advice For Those Who Wish To Venture Into Business (20:46)

  • If you show people enough value, they’ll be willing to invest.
  • Everyone has money to invest, it’s just a matter of priorities.
  • You need to find and choose the models that work for you and for the marketplace.
  • Don’t undervalue yourself.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice other areas in your life, you need to pull back to move forward.
  • Don’t be led by what brings you the most money, be led by what brings you joy and happiness.
  • If you put 100% into something you love, it will grow.

Brooke’s Confidence Booster For Those Who Are On Instagram (26:06)

  • Don’t compare yourselves to Brooke NOW — compare her to yourselves BEFORE, when she was just starting out.
  • If you wish to put yourself in front of the camera, Brooke recommends setting up a professional shoot.
  • What will give you confidence is when you find out that people aren’t as mean as you think they’re going to be.

Top Three Tips To Get More Sales On Instagram (29:55)

  • Know your market, know your ideal customer.
  • Use the link in your bio efficiently.
  • Get on your stories to gain trust among your followers.

If you want to hear more and learn more from Perth’s Social Media Queen, Brooke Vulinovich, then don’t miss our upcoming event, the Certified Ballers Live. You can also reach her through her Instagram accounts: @brookevulinovich and @villamanagement.

That’s all for today. Thank you for listening! See you in our next episode.

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