The Kim Barrett Show Ep 014: How To Market B2B with James Tuckerman

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Printed magazines used to be one of the most reliable sources of news updates and job opportunities locally or across the globe. But the rise of modern technology brought alternatives that are, for a lot of people, better. Some players in the print industry permanently closed due to low profits. Meanwhile, some struggle to strategize to keep their business afloat by using the Internet as a marketing tool.

In today’s episode, James Tuckerman shares his entrepreneurial journey as his magazine business continued to boom during the transition of media preference from print to online. He also discusses with us how to further utilize the Internet to get more market share online. 

James is the CEO of Anthill Magazine. He reinvented the Anthill business model by making the magazines 100% digital. He’s now conducting business workshops through B2B School, an online platform where business owners can take courses to learn how to market their business effectively online.

If you want to learn more about how your business can be successful online, this episode is for you. Check out the show highlights and tune in to the show!

Starting Out (2:29)

  • James launched Anthill Magazine in 2003, and it grew to be one of Australia’s top three largest business magazines.
  • In 2008, tablets were first released, and AdWords became popular, leading print magazine industry to fall off the market.
  • James’ business struggled as he tried to revamp it by shifting to a 100% digital platform,  which later proved to be a success.
  • He started B2B School to train business owners to get more online leads, sales, and marketing.

Transition From Print To Digital (5:12)

  • “If you want to make a small fortune in magazine publishing, start with a big one.”
  • The transition was considered a heresy, and they received negative feedback from journalists.
  • James thought ahead of shifting to digital media through WordPress.

B2B School (10:20)

  • B2B School is James’ contribution to the culture of Australia since he wanted Australians to be a little bit more entrepreneurial.
  • Back then, the word “entrepreneur” had a negative connotation to Australians.

B2B Training (18:36)

  • James realized that a lot of business training was for people selling something online.
  • James used LinkedIn as his logical model to market themselves online.
  • “One person, one problem, one product.” Hence, know your person and the product for them.
  • He focuses on businesses that sell complex or big-ticket products or services.

Importance of Going to Business Workshops (22:58)

  • James says you can listen to what other people are doing and the strategies they’re applying.
  • Attending workshops is one of the avenues to get an idea of how to raise a business profile.
  • You get to hear all perspectives and different strategies.

Ultimate Online Transaction (29:05)

  • James emphasizes the importance of the ultimate online transaction, which determines if this transaction is your end goal and will define your strategies.
  • Incoming Very Interested Prospect (VIP) comes to play if your strategy might be, for instance, a consultant, coach, or web developer.
  • The last step online is the “outgoing click,” where someone clicks an ad, and it leads him to somewhere else. In this case, it makes money for the business.

You may reach James at You may also check his B2B School through their website. If you learn a lot from today’s talk with James, don’t forget to join us in our upcoming Certified Ballers Live event! Get your tickets now!

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