The Kim Barrett Show Ep 053: How To Serve No Master with Jonathan Green

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Imagine being able to live a life free from the daily grind and the shackles of a business that demands every second of your attention.

That’s the dream of every entrepreneur who started their company to live life on their terms. But more often than not, their business ends up being another job.

Which is why we bring in Jonathan Green today as we cover how to put assets in place so you get the best outcome from your business and ultimately, live a life where you serve no master.

It’s time to break free, so tune in to this insightful episode now.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Being both an author and an internet marketer [01:23]
  2. Getting into the world of affiliate marketing [07:27]
  3. The impact of COVID-19 on their business [09:57]
  4. Running a business with a mindset of extreme giving [11:33]
  5. His book as the bridge to building his business [14:27]
  6. The pros and cons of multi-chapter books [18:54]
  7. Social media is so distracting [20:16]
  8. Find your lane and do your best [22:42]
  9. What Jonathan would do differently if he could go back [26:12]

About Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green is the bestselling author of the book Serve No Master where he shares the blueprint that allowed millions to quit their jobs and start their own businesses. An advocate of constantly giving, he has a podcast and a blog where he shares more useful content for his audience.

If you want to connect with Jonathan or access more of his free content, just head over to his website.

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