The Kim Barrett Show Ep 059: How Traffic and Funnels Grew to 8 Figures in 4 Years with Taylor Welch

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Four years. That’s all it took Traffic and Funnels to earn a remarkable 8 figures in revenue. For most businesses, that kind of milestone may never feel within reach. Today we will reveal what it takes to do that!

In this episode with Taylor Welch, we break down the secrets behind this incredible success story. We don’t just find out what they did to become an 8 figure business, but we go over what it took to get to that level, what they had to focus on, and the mentors they had in their corner.

If achieving astronomical growth, like Taylor, is your goal, then head over to the episode now.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Taylor’s go-to answer for what they do [01:16]
  2. Building companies and people [01:50]
  3. Buying companies to save money [04:05]
  4. What their intuition told them to make the jump [05:24]
  5. Key differences that accelerated their business from $3M to $70M [08:27]
  6. The thinking behind sending out their regular memos [12:44]
  7. Most mistakes are actually due to inaction [15:43]
  8. Health acts as a beacon that attracts healthy people  [19:01]
  9. Breeding health into the team to keep people happy [21:28]
  10. Ego prevents people from reaching big success [22:51]

About Taylor Welch

Juggling work and family is a tricky balancing act that looks like a breeze for Taylor Welch, the electric and energetic CEO of Traffic and Funnels. As a best-selling author of two books, a devoted husband and father, a successful entrepreneur, and the creator of The Sales Mentor, the #1 rated sales training program, Taylor has served nearly 50,000 individual businesses in the last 5 years while managing in-house brands that bring in $20M a year. It goes to show that if growth is the game you’re playing, then Taylor is your head coach. 

To know more about Taylor, head over to his Facebook and Instagram

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