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The Kim Barrett Show Ep 013: Launching A Product Brand with Simon Rawadi

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With the variety of products in the market, entrepreneurs need to find a branding unique to them to stand out and stay ahead of their competitors. Having a broad audience is an advantage, but it does not always translate into revenue.

In this episode, Simon Rawadi talks about how to create that excellent branding for start-up companies up and generate sales through establishing a core audience. Simon is the Head and Founder of Slyletica, Australia’s leading apparel manufacturing, brand management, and development agency. It is one of the fastest-growing start-up companies in Australia. And this year, Slyletica also took home the Melbourne Entrepreneur of the Year award from Business News Australia in the Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution category.

If you want to launch your product and learn how to create the perfect branding, check out these highlights and tune in to the show!

About Slyletica (2:21) 

  • Slyletica is Australia’s leading brand management and development agency specializing in activewear labels.
  • Slyletica helps people with a business idea or an existing brand, develop new designs, and go through the manufacturing process.
  • They also help with building websites and assisting with order fulfilment. 

Slyletica’s Beginnings (3:26) 

  • Simon was initially into sales in the corporate world, and it was fulfilling for him.
  • The entrepreneur in him dreams of more, so he launched his activewear label even if he doesn’t have experience in fashion or starting a clothing brand.
  • They spent two years refining the sales process, bringing the product to the market, and dealing with international suppliers and imports.
  • They realized that their strength and speciality was to help business owners develop a product they can sell to an existing community or marketplace. 
  • Afterwards, they shifted from their retail to brand management and development.
  • Slyletica’s key clients: social media influencers, gym owners and entrepreneurs who want to start their own business

What Is a Brand? (8:35)

  • A brand can be anything that someone wants to pursue as a business.
  • It should also be making money.
  • To be successful, you must be able to blend brand and sales.
  • A brand should be able to sustain an income for your personal and business needs.

How to Have a Complete Brand (10:27) 

  • What products are you going to sell? 
  • What is it going to look like?
  • Who is going to sell your products? 
  • How are you going to sell your products? 

Starting Your Own Apparel Business (12:40) 

  • Try and start small.
  • Focus on your first selection.
  • Take into consideration the economies of scale.
  • Your website should be running for marketing.
  • Advertising is essential. Posting in social media is not enough.

The Cold Method and the Column Method (18:21) 

  • Cold method: Used for influencers who would want to sell their brand, considering the followers that would care for the client’s product.
  • Take the analytics that Instagram provides.
  • Look at the core of the followers. If you can engage them to buy your product, that will be a substantial audience.
  • Column method: For the non-core followers.
  • Take out those non-core audiences and have conservative projections in terms of product inventory.
  • Do not overcapitalize when you sell out.
  • A large following does not equal success.

Having a Core Audience (23:20) 

  • The core audience is the most important.
  • They are the people who will purchase your product.
  • The email list is second in priority.
  • Use social media tools to find a lookalike audience for expansion.

Four Key Elements for a Successful Product-Based Business

  • Starting the brand
  • Building your product 
  • Bringing your product to the market 
  • Ensuring sales

Final Notes

  • You need to have a unique selling proposition.
  • Start with customers similar to yourself.

To know more about developing your brand and launching your product, you may connect with Simon through Slyletica’s website or email Simon will also be joining us at the Certified Ballers Live event, so make sure to grab your tickets now!

Thanks for tuning in, and see you in the next episode!

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