The Kim Barrett Show Ep 045: Make a Dent – Reset and Reinvent with Daniel Priestley

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In times of crisis and change, like what we’re experiencing right now, we are presented with the best opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Change is the new normal we have to accept.

We might be dealing with a couple of issues and problems, but that’s not a good reason to just sit back and watch. We have to prepare ourselves to ride the wave that’s coming.

Today, let’s prepare for the future as we chat with Daniel Priestley about how entrepreneurs can reinvent their businesses during a disruption, the mistakes some businesses made, the importance of digital assets, and much more.

The past is in the past. Listen to this episode as we find out how we can take charge of the future!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Making a positive impact through Dent [01:33]
  2. The profound effect of COVID-19 [02:52]
  3. Why entrepreneurs should take advantage of disruption [05:50]
  4. There’s always the opportunity to reinvent [08:43]
  5. Going back is not an option: How Dent is moving forward [13:10]
  6. Shifting from brick-and-mortar to online: Examples of when people missed the mark [18:14]
  7. How a restaurant successfully adapted its business online [22:56]
  8. Now’s the time to create digital assets [27:59]

About Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dent Global. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs stand-out, scale, and have a meaningful impact in the world. The author of four best-selling books namely, “Key Person of Influence”, “Entrepreneur Revolution”, “Oversubscribed“, and “24 Assets”,  Daniel is also a professional speaker who has spoken at leading conferences all over the world. 

If you’d like to get a copy of one of Daniel’s books, send him an email at

You can also connect with him on his LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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