The Kim Barrett Show Ep 018: Never Fly Economy Again with Steve Hui

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Frequent flyer points programs can seem complicated and offer little value when it comes to booking flights. However, they are simple to use and could help business owners fly in luxury every time. All it takes is a proper strategy to rack up points from business expenses and turn them into business or first-class seats.

In this episode, Steve Hui, known as “The Points Whisperer,” teaches us how to take advantage of frequent flyer points and identify the right flights to ensure that every trip we take is at least business class. He also shares his strategies on how to accumulate as many points as possible. Steve is the founder and CEO of iFLYflat, Australia’s #1 Reward Travel Expert and Points Flight Finder Concierge.

If you want to learn how to maximize frequent flyer points and always fly in luxury, check these show highlights and tune in to the podcast!

Steve’s Realizations (1:43) 

  • He realized how valuable points were when he got a free $4,000 business class ticket through only points.
  • His accounting and research background helped him figure out how to properly use frequent flyer points.
  • The cost of earning points is less than the price of a ticket, which makes it virtually buying something cheaper.

Finding Flights (7:36)

  • First or business class is a better choice than luxurious residence flights.
  • Choose business class during the nighttime flights when you’re mostly asleep and first-class during the daytime flights when you’re awake.
  • Some destinations do not have first-class, so you have to check your options.
  • 500,000 points garner about 1–2 business flights

First Class vs. Business Class (10:39)

  • First-class is on the way out due to most airlines limiting first-class options.
  • It also has a higher staff ratio and better service.
  • First-class has better quality in terms of food and drinks.
  • First-class has about 50% more space than business class.
  • Business-class is similar to first-class and is becoming as good in terms of value.
  • Each airline has their differences when it comes to business and first-class.

Flight Upgrading (13:38) 

  • Spare seats are either the last available seats the airline can’t sell or contingency seats for operational issues.
  • The difference in points for upgrading is about 10%–15%.
  • For upgrade requests, airlines use a ranking system based on loyalty status.

Credit Card Strategies (24:34) 

  • American Express has the most airline partners, so it is the ideal primary card.
  • Visa or Mastercard should be used when American Express is not available, or there are extra fees.
  • “Free points are better than points that cost money even if the fees are low.”

To know more about booking luxury flights using only points, you may connect with Steve through LinkedIn or Instagram or visit iFLYFlat’s website.

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