The Kim Barrett Show Ep 025: Sales Insights from Tony Robbins’ #1 Salesperson with Eli Wilde

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Online business has made the barriers to entry low but also forced businesses to become more creative with their marketing and sales tactics. How can you get attention in a market that is filled with so many choices? How do you convert people into buying your product when everywhere you look somebody is pushing their product to anyone that listens?

Emotion and feelings are crucial to converting leads into sales. You have to move from being a product pusher into a problem finder. Then you can provide the solution.

In this episode, we get to pick the brain of Eli Wilde, the no. 1 salesperson of Tony Robbins. This former actor has conducted coaching and sales training events with Tony Robbins in his honest bid to transform people’s lives. Today, he’s going to reveal how psychology influences the sales process and how he is able to sell 5x more with the same price point and script used by other people. If that got you interested, then tune in to this episode now.


What we discussed in this episode:

  • How he started his career in sales
  • From acting/modeling to getting introduced to Tony Robbins
  • The transference of energy and how to become good in sales
  • Building his own training business as the self-education market booms
  • The signs your business has a sales problem
  • How patterns of language, emotion, and the quality of communication influence sales

About Eli Wilde

Eli Wilde has sold over 20,000 high ticket products for Tony Robbins and has even earned an award for being the top salesperson. If it has to do with influence, impact, and communicating your message, Eli can help. Fun fact: he was almost cast as a very famous superhero and has been on the cover of a romance novel.

Thank you for listening!

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