The Kim Barrett Show Ep 001: Taking Control to Grow Your Event with Grant Cardone

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A lot of people find it intimidating to take control. But taking control is a crucial step in getting the outcomes you want. Knowing the relationship between control and responsibility will help you manage your goals better.

Joining us today is Grant Cardone, one of the world’s leading sales trainers, a New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally renowned speaker. His expertise reaches far and wide, and he has spoken about leadership, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, finance, and social media. Grant has worked with reputable companies like Google, Sprint, Toyota, and Ford, among others. He also owns four companies that make over $100 million in annual sales.

Today, we talk about control and using it for growth. When you’re in control, you get to set the pace and shift your thought process to decide what’s next for your business. Grant is here to share his insights and experiences with all of us.

Here’s a quick rundown of the episode. These are just short and sweet highlights, so be sure to listen to the entire episode so you won’t miss anything!

Talking about control—why is it important for people to have control? Why is it taboo in some areas? (2:48)

  • You need control of your environment.
  • Controlling the vehicle means you get to win the race.
  • Control and responsibility are very similar. People who don’t want control are people who don’t want the responsibility.
  • You need to be on both sides: be in control and be controlled.
  • Control means knowing what’s going to happen.
  • Having control means not wanting mistakes and accidents, only success in your environment.
  • It’s possible to control people through rewards and punishments.
  • Do more by taking control more.
  • Start with yourself and extend that ability to control more things.

You need a reason to move forward. (12:54)

  • You need a reason to move ahead—a type of validation, verification, or acknowledgement that you’re doing the right thing.
  • Instead of looking into the mistakes you made, look at the deals that you didn’t do. 
  • Quantify the costs of not doing a deal.
  • Instead of looking for reasons not to do something, search for the motivation to do something.

How do I promote my event? (19:08)

  • Everybody is always looking for a shortcut, but that’s not how it works.
  • If you cannot get people to attend your event, it’s because you’re not committed.
  • Worry about the commitment—how committed are you to get people to your event?
  • The goal is not to build a list, because lists will always seem too small.

Getting support where it matters. (21:37)

  • If your family is not buying your products, it’s because you don’t insist on it.
  • Love and care are good, but support means getting people to show up where it truly matters.
  • The best way to support you is to buy your products.
  • You can’t just go to an event and say you’re supporting them without paying for a ticket.
  • Don’t leave an event without doing something. Everybody can do something.
  • The only person who loses at events is the person who leaves without a product.
  • 95% of your time should be spent getting money and customers, not managing money and customers.

What’s next? Stretching your reality of what’s possible for the next level. (27:03)

  • How big can you think? 
  • You have to shift your mindset: I want to have a bigger problem to solve.
  • Change the quality and quantity of your problems.
  • Think of giant problems that could lift everything.
  • How do you avoid losing great people? Always have opportunities to grow lined up.

That’s it for this episode! I hope today’s podcast inspired you. If you want to know more about growing your business and getting people to attend your events, check out 10X Growth Con and Grant Cardone’s Business Camp and sign up now.

Thank you for listening. See you in the next episode!

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