The Kim Barrett Show Ep 005: The 3 Advertising Cycles

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The advertising cycle is an essential tool for any marketer to learn and use. It’s vital for you to thoroughly understand the components of the advertising cycle to utilize it fully.

In this episode of the podcast, I’ll explain what the advertising cycle is and its three key components. I will also share why popular teaching in marketing regarding the advertising cycle is misguided. Finally, I’ll also share my own experiences in using the advertising cycle to prove my point. 

Are you ready to unlearn old teachings and follow the correct path? Find out for yourself with this episode’s highlights and tune in to this insightful analysis.

The Three Keys of Advertising Cycles (01:43)

  • There are three key steps in the advertising cycle: The Mogul Method, list building, and the conversion mechanism.
  • The Mogul Method is your video and content creation strategy.
  • List building involves getting people to sign up to your mailing or subscribers list and growing it.
  • Conversion mechanism is how you get a visitor to do something, like buying from your online store.
  • You don’t have to start with content creation before building your lists and creating a conversion mechanism.
  • The advertising cycle should be reversed, starting with the conversion mechanism moving towards list building then employing The Mogul Method.

Why Start With the Conversion Method (4:52)

  • The Mogul Method requires producing great content which costs money.
  • You need to have a source of money for content creation, which requires leads to convert.
  • Focus only on conversion mechanism until you earn half a million yearly.

List Building Strategy (8:05)

  • Brian Kurtz, a direct marketing guru, explains in another episode of the podcast why “The money is in the list.”
  • List building strategy needs to have value, don’t spam the people on your list.
  • Grant Cardone, a real estate mogul and another previous guest on the show, said that if your subscribers don’t like your offers, then build a bigger list.
  • Your list gets you people who are interested in your content and should feed into your conversion mechanism.

Mogul Method – When To Create Content (13:33)

  • Employing the Mogul Method first is only possible if you have all the money in the world.
  • I used the past two years to build my conversion mechanism and list before producing the podcast.
  • I also started with the Mogul Method first, which lead to having no sales.

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Thanks for listening! See you in the next episode!

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