The Kim Barrett Show Ep 019: The Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing with Jessica Williamson

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With the rise of social media, many people have started to gain influence over specific audiences through huge followings. Businesses are now moving towards capitalising on these influencers to establish their brands, generate more engagement, and sell more products. This method is called influencer marketing.

In this episode, Jessica Williamson, a serial entrepreneur and business coach, talks about how influencer marketing generates engaging content and establishes brand identity. She also shares her strategies, such as choosing the right influencers. 

About Our Guest: 

Jessica is the founder and managing director of Ete Swimwear, a Perth-based swimwear label with designs that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. She successfully launched the business in 2016 when she was only 22 years old, and now coaches young women on how to go about their business.

If you want to learn how influencer marketing works and whether you should use it for your business, check these highlights and tune in to the podcast!

What is Influencer Marketing? (2:00) 

  • Influencer marketing is working with people who have a following.
  • They can impact their audience to either take up a product or service or go to a destination.
  • It involves different strategies and methods; but in a nutshell, it is about having that influence.

Where You Can Apply Influencer Marketing (6:22)

  • Fashion, beauty, and travel industries are all about glamorous photos, inviting customers to use the product or go to a destination. 
  • Mid- to low-priced products work best compared to high-priced products such as cars.
  • Consider the buying life cycle of your product. Shorter life cycles tend to work better because there’s no commitment, and people can quickly test the product.
  • For events, the speakers should be your influencers. Marketing should start long before the event and not during the event.

Choosing the Right Influencer (13:17)

  • Choose an influencer for their engagement and not just their following.
  • Their followers should be your target market.
  • Ask for their statistics, such as where the followers are from and what their genders are.
  • Aside from aligning their audience with yours, the influencers themselves should be aligned with your brand to establish a solid brand identity.
  • There are different strategies such as content, sales and brand identity for each influencer.
  • Take into account how the algorithm plays with everyone’s followers and content.

How to Utilise Influencer Marketing (18:02) 

  • Discuss the content with your influencer after giving out products instead of expecting content to appear suddenly.
  • Building genuine relationships is vital to get more traction.
  • The stories and videos behind the scenes are more engaging than merely posting beautiful photos.
  • The world is moving towards authenticity; honest feedback is essential for your brand identity and brand alignment.
  • “The little touches that make someone human is better than ‘look at my great skin.'”


To know more about influencer marketing, you may connect with Jessica through LinkedIn, Instagram or her website.

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