The Kim Barrett Show Ep 043: The Science Behind Networking with Gil Petersil

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Do you ever find yourself choking up on conversations with people you want to connect with? You must have wondered why no matter how good a speaker you are, you have a hard time building your network.

Time and time again, we always thought networking has a lot to do with being a great conversationalist. However, that’s partly incorrect.

In today’s episode, networking guru Gil Petersil talks with us about the nitty-gritty of networking and how to unleash that extrovert in you.

Start building your connections now by navigating through the art and science of networking.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. The nitty-gritty of Gil Petersil’s work [01:16]
  2. The aspect of networking: Introversion and extroversion [03:35]
  3. A life hack for networking [06:47]
  4. Communication is key [07:54]
  5. Look for something interesting in someone to build rapport [10:12]
  6. Meeting and working with Tony Robbins: What networking really is [12:43]
  7. Cementing connections: The art and science of the networking [16:35]
  8. Less talking, more listening: Build connections with genuine interest [19:37]
  9. How networking and following-up works: A short Steven Seagal story [22:30]
  10. His wife and Eckhart Tolle: Two separate stories on persistence and networking [27:32]
  11. Three daily practices for developing networking skills [35:55]
  12. Networking is like having a garden [38:06]

About Gil Petersil

Gil Petersil is a keynote speaker, a networking facilitator, and a business consultant. With over 5 years of experience, he helps clients network effectively and efficiently, building strong relationships with clients and partners. He is also a Networking Professor and Business Coach at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

You can connect with Gil Petersil through LinkedIn.

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