The Kim Barrett Show Ep 035: The Secret Sauce of Effective Digital Advertising with Naira Perez

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With most of the world given stay-at-home orders, digital marketing has been at the forefront of reaching consumers. More time is being spent online and consuming content on social media. 

This presents an amazing opportunity especially if you haven’t tapped into digital advertising yet. While intimidating at first, doing paid ads doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  

Today, we have digital marketing expert Naira Perez. She’s here to share her expertise in media buying and paid digital ads. We’ll also get into how to make LinkedIn ads work for you.

Do you want to reach your customers and maximise your impact?. Then get the most out of your ads by tuning in to the show.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. The ad cost situation during the Coronavirus crisis [02:53]
  2. Making LinkedIn ads work [05:46]
  3. The best LinkedIn ad format to start with [09:20]
  4. How she got started in digital media buying [12:11]
  5. Her experience with organic marketing [14:21]
  6. Fun marketing campaigns she’s worked with [16:15]
  7. Helping small clients run ads [17:59]
  8. Moving from Spain to the U.S. [21:17]

About Naira Perez

Naira Perez is the founder of SpringHill Digital. She works with paid digital media in multiple channels including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. With over 20 years in marketing, she is an expert in developing digital marketing strategies and has worked with companies across several industries.

You can connect with Naira on LinkedIn or Facebook

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