The Kim Barrett Show Ep 011: Happiness: The Secret To Success with Julian Pace

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Most mental health organizations work with suicide prevention and preemptive measures. However, it’s just as important to learn the daily tools we can use to face life’s struggles.

In this episode, Julian Pace shares the goal of his business to equip people with the right tools to face their everyday struggles. Julian is a speaker and a storyteller, captivating audiences from all over the world. He is also the founder of Happiness Co, a social enterprise focused on inspiring people to be happy with their lives and careers. Happiness Co tackles preemptive mental health with a focus on an everyday approach.

If you want to learn how to deal with your emotions and actions, this episode is for you. Check these show highlights and tune in to the show!

Happiness Co. (02:29)

  • Mental health can be likened to a traffic light. The colour red refers to class management and suicide prevention. Orange is the preemptive initiatives, and green is the everyday tools needed to survive life.
  • Happiness Co helps people have the right awareness and allow them to understand problem mitigation skills.
  • Julian wants Happiness Co to be the Coca Cola of mental health organizations. He wants to promote the upside of mental health; to hope for a brighter future by working on the present.

Fulfillment (05:07)

  • Most people want to achieve many things in life. They want to become successful business leaders, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, this can become a happiness trap.
  • The happiness trap refers to the act of continually looking for the next thing to make you happy. But, when you already achieved the goal, it does not feel as rewarding as you thought it would be. Thus, you again start to search for the next thing.
  • Happiness is being proud and liking who you are.

Introspection (06:33)

  • Talk about internal struggles and feelings.
  • It is essential that the person you want to be and the choices you are making align with one another.
  • There is a moment of impact on our lives that significantly affects us. After this moment, we become stuck as the person we think we are; thus, we cannot get out.
  • It is crucial to be honest with yourself. It’s the first step to avoid the feeling of being stuck.

Making Adjustments (09:20)

  • Hurt people hurt people. Thus, healing is crucial. You will always be haunted by the things that hurt you if you do not confront them.
  • People need to deal with their baggage because it affects the present. Our emotional baggage makes us worry about present transactions. 
  • You can achieve happiness by fixing it, restoring it, and replacing it.

Changing Negative Feelings (11:55)

  • The person who controls the emotion controls the outcome.
  • How you live the journey is all that matters. People get caught up in the destination that they fail to see the moments that matter.
  • Emphasizing these kinds of moments helps people control their emotions.

Dealing With Emotions (14:56)

  • Whenever people feel negative emotions, they think it is appropriate not to feel those emotions again. However, it is not feasible because we are humans. There are always upsetting moments in our lives.
  • The crucial thing is knowing how to deal with these emotions.
  • The Happiness Co tries and allows people to understand that they can act the way they want to feel. People may not always feel what they want to feel, but they can behave in a certain way.

Movement vs. Progress (16:42)

  • Do not mistake motion for progress. You can put your efforts and get better results, but you can also set the same attempt but achieve an unfavourable outcome.
  • Being busy does not always mean being productive.
  • Be a business owner without forgetting to do the things that matter.

Making Social Impact (24:29)

  • Business owners have a responsibility to make the world a better place for other people.
  • These people might be your employees or business partners.

You can reach Julian through his website, Happiness Co. Foundation. You can also start conversations through his LinkedIn profile. If you enjoyed today’s conversation with Julian, then join us at the upcoming Certified Ballers Live event. Grab your tickets now!

Thank you for tuning in!

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