The Kim Barrett Show Ep 039: Why Time Is Money – A Theo & Harris Story with Christian Zeron

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The world of vintage watches is seen as exclusive to older people. It’s an industry that’s already set in its structures and traditions.

There might not be many opportunities to enter as a player in this industry. It takes a game changer to be successful.

Today, we chat with the young director of Theo & Harris, Christian Zeron. We talk about how they reinvented the wheel in the vintage watch industry, being a content producer, their diversification into selling ads, and much more.

Find out how they were able to shake the industry and make their mark. Tune in now!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. What is Theo & Harris? [01:26]
  2. Exploring his passion of selling luxury vintage watches [03:32]
  3. Reinventing the watch industry online [04:44]
  4. The turning point in their company [07:07]
  5. Choosing to build a balanced online presence [10:50]
  6. Investing in SEO and content to get leads [12:28]
  7. Diversifying into selling ads [13:33]
  8. The most important job of the director of the company [15:45]
  9. What is needed to convince people your deal is good [18:51]
  10. Sales is different from being a journalist [22:42]
  11. What he thinks is the biggest failure on their end [24:40]

About Christian Zeron

Christian Zeron is the Director of Theo & Harris, a vintage watch store which is also a leading content producer in the world of watch commentary. The business started as a dorm room project and in 5 years, they’ve been able to shake the industry and create a new and transparent form of discussion. 

Check out their YouTube page for amazing content on wrist watches.

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