The Kim Barrett Show Ep 020: Why Writing a Book Is Good for Business with Natasa Denman

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Do you want to become a bestselling author, but don’t know where to begin? Many thought leaders lack the confidence to pursue book writing because they are afraid their book might flop.

In today’s episode, Natasa Denman, an author and entrepreneur, shares her book writing blueprint for aspiring authors. She also gives ideas on how pre-sale can help return an author’s investment in an instant.

About Our Guest: 

Natasa Denman is a world-class author who has published more than ten books, including “The Ultimate 48 Hour Author.” She is a sought after CSP-accredited professional speaker, mentor, and coach. Natasa has been recognised as the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year twice and an AusMumpreneur of the Year in Product Innovation finalist.

If you want to get more ideas on how Natasa’s blueprint works, check out the highlights below and don’t miss this loaded episode!

How to Start Writing Your First Book

How It Developed (1:12)

  • Natasa always wanted to get things done fast.
  • She and a co-author decided to finish writing a book in one weekend.
  • She realised they already have the bulk of the content from their interviews. They spent three hours writing the book.
  • From there, Natasa realised if she could write half a book on a weekend, she could get other people to do it as well.

Multi-Speaker Books (3:55)

  • You only say yes to these projects if you’re offered to be part of one for free.
  • Being a part of this multi-speaker book should lift your profile.
  • She is not a big fan of multi-speaker books. She doesn’t think you will shine because you are only among 12 to 15 other people in the book.

Business on Steroids (5:16)

  • Natasa has already written 11 books on different topics.
  • Use reverse-engineering in organising information for writing a book.
  • Take note though that this information organisation model will not work for fiction writing; the framework is applicable for personal stories.

First Book Writing Experience (8:58)

  • Natasa’s confidence and self-worth grew when her first book came out.
  • When she stood up and introduced herself, people became serious in learning she’s doing.

Benefits of Book Writing (11:56)

  • “The book is somewhere near the top of your sales funnel.”
  • The book is an opportunity for people to get to know you without investing too much.
  • You don’t need to be a speaker to promote your book because the internet is an excellent platform for selling books.
  • Some authors pre-launch their books. They receive payment in their Paypal account at a slightly lower price.
  • Pre-launching creates leverage for the sales of the book.

Common Problems of Book Writing (16:50)

  • Natasa compiled her audience’s responses regarding the reasons they are attending her workshop.
  • She wrote the tips and pieces of advice in her book, which is divided into three parts.

How to Get Authors Do Pre-Sale (18:58)

  • It’s all about making sure they finish the whole pre-sale process.
  • It is essential to work on the foundation first, get your hands dirty, and build the funnel towards the success of your book.

Highest Achievements of Authors (23:37)

  • Natasa shared about an author who wrote a book on chalk paint because she wanted to sell more of the chalk paint she made.
  • A psychologist got her return investment in 39 days, and Natasa praised her for improving her profile.


Visit her website to know more about how to publish your first book. You may also connect with Natasa through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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