The Kim Barrett Show Ep 010: Why Your Brand Is More Than Just Your Logo with Rachel Dowdy

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Investing in strategic branding is one of the most crucial aspects of business growth. It should showcase the mission and vision of a company.

In today’s episode, we have Rachel Dowdy to share her knowledge about branding and content creation. Rachel is the founder of the Green Goodness Co. and Social Goodness. Both businesses are aimed at bringing together wellness-inclined people and events. Fitness and food-based enterprises are just some examples of firms that the platform brings together.

If you are interested in strategic branding and content, this episode is for you. Check these highlights, and be sure to tune in to the show!

Making a Good Brand (04:29)

  • Rachel rebranded the company with a different vision. She reflected on the values and what her business can offer.
  • Rebranding is not an easy feat. A brand can go through many evolutions before becoming what it is today.
  • The key to making a good brand is to be genuine and want people to grow their business.

Factors Contributing to Business Growth (6:59)

  • The company has two markets: the public market and businesses.
  • When the company started, it focused on creating content for the public, as well as helping businesses build connections and upgrade their products and services.
  • Rachel’s company employs different approaches for each connection. For the business community, it was more about an event-driven community building.

Content Creation (9:03)

  • Learning about vital terms that Google prioritizes helps in getting clicks and visits for the blog.
  • The success of the branch is predominantly because of good content.
  • It is crucial to start with excellent content and maintain it.
  • Blogs should be shareable for social media procurement.

Positioning the Brand (10:23)

  • It is vital to invest in brand strategizing.
  • The brand is more than just the business’ logo; it should constitute your company’s core values.
  • The brand should also include your personality and business’ mission.

Brand and Business Alignment (14:08)

  • Employ a brand strategy before starting a business.
  • Be wary of other entities that you associate with your business. 
  • Be consistent with partnerships to strengthen your brand further.
  • Be aware of your target audience every time you release content.
  • You need to align your marketing and sales process with your brand.
  • Consistency is a critical factor in branding. It creates loyalty and trust between the customers and the owner.

Technicalities of the Brand (17:19)

  • Analyze the technical aspects of your brand; this includes the font, colour, and background, among other things.
  • It is also crucial to reflect on the tone of your brand because it allows you to be aware of the message you send to your customers.
  • Owners should also be consistent through all social media platforms. Use the same colour palette to show consistency.

Connect with Rachel through her website, Green Goodness Co or their Instagram. You can also interact with her through LinkedIn. To know more about Social Goodness, visit their website

Don’t forget to get your tickets for our Certified Ballers Live event here. Rachel will be joining us to talk more about branding, the points she discussed today, and how you can do it like a boss.

Thank you for listening!

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