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Today, we explore the fascinating world of sales and entrepreneurship through the eyes of a master. Join us as we dive into the remarkable journey of a government employee from Canada who became a trailblazer in the sales industry.

Join us as we delve into the intriguing journey of Glenn Poulos—a renowned sales expert and the co-founder/Vice President of Gap Wireless Inc. Glenn shares his insightful transition from a government position to mastering the sales arena, the inspiring story behind launching his successful company, and the driving forces that led him to author his insightful book.

Tune in for a deep dive into the world of traditional, personal selling and discover the secrets to winning customers the old-fashioned way!

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Coming up…

00:26 – Introduction

01:13 – Who is Glenn Poulos?

01:50 – What got Glenn Poulos into the world of sales

03:37 – Greed-based learning

07:48 – The evolution of Gap Wireless Inc.

17:54 – Becoming an award winning author with “Never Sit in the Lobby”

25:25 – Every impression is the first impression

This week guest

Glenn Poulos is the co-founder, vice president, and general manager of Gap Wireless Inc., a leading product and service distributor for the mobile broadband and wireless markets. After years of working for the government, Glenn took a risk and resigned from his job to explore the world of sales. With over three decades of experience, the sales professional has dedicated thousands of hours in the “lobby” and on the phone, winning customers and closing numerous deals. Now, he’s helping salespeople build their own successful businesses with his book, Never Sit in the Lobby. Glenn currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

Resource Links:

⏩ Connect with Glenn Poulos https://glennpoulos.com/

⏩Never Sit in the Lobby by Glenn Poulos https://amzn.to/3bP9dKp

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