What we discussed in the epsisode:

Are you grappling with closing deals and standing out in your industry? Constantly facing objections and struggling to connect with prospects can hinder your success and growth.

Joining us today is none other than the Sales Warlord himself — one of my very early mentors, Gulliver Giles. Together, we dissect common sales hurdles and offer actionable solutions to overcome them.

Throughout the episode, we tackle the essential challenges on the road to mastering sales, providing practical tips and strategies for honing your craft. From handling objections to the importance of following up and cultivating trust with clients, we leave no stone unturned.

If you’re eager to elevate your sales game and assert dominance in your field, hit that play button and let’s dive right in!

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Coming up…

00:20 – Introduction

02:15 – What is the importance of having a sales system in place for businesses?

06:45 – The best investment for boosting your marketing skills in sales

11:42 – How can pushing yourself out of your comfort zone lead to success?

14:32 – 3 key virtues that lead to success – Discipline, consistency, and hard work

17:31 – Discovering the power of reflection in a sales training program

20:21 – The importance of having a sales script at the beginning of a sales career

23:35 – The importance of a sales process for generating leads and converting customers

28:04 – The sales dominance everyone knew of in the past

29:23 – The NEW sales dominance and what makes it better

34:25 – The WORST and BEST place to find salespeople

38:19 – The real secret to effective selling? Hint: it’s not about media platforms

39:53 – Why a recruitment marketing plan is crucial for hiring salespeople

41:25 – How important is the right message in sales?

This week guest

About Gulliver Giles:

Gulliver Giles, renowned as “the best sales trainer on the planet,” the Sales Warlord has transformed the sales industry with his innovative Sword of Sales system and his famous Armor of God objection handling system. His ultimate mission is to change the negative perception of sales and salespeople, believing that authentic salesmanship comes from a place of love, not manipulation. Gulliver is the lead presenter for Strategic Anarchy’s 3-day sales event, and has been a keynote speaker at events worldwide, including Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit, where he passionately advocates for a new era of sales education and practices.

Connect with Gulliver Giles:

⏩ Website: https://www.ironcage.com.au/

⏩ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saleswarlord/

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