What we discussed in the epsisode:

• Introduction [0:00]

• Who’s Mike Michalowicz? [1:18]

• The inspiration behind Profit First [5:41]

• Behavioural Principle #1: Out of sight, out of mind [8:54]

• Behavioural Principle # 2: What you do first, gets done [8:59]

• Behavioural Principle # 3: The concept of ownership [9:04]

• Mike talks about how important financial education is for children [11:09]

• Mike explains the three types of money bunnies [12:13]

• The reason why we all tend to miss out on simple financial principles [14:40]

• How Mike gets his thoughts from head to paper [16:47]

• An overview of the difference in the entrepreneurial landscape for 2022 [19:03]

• Mike talks about the shift for small businesses in this “new normal” [21:48]

This week guest

Mike Michalowicz is the creator of Profit First, which is used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe to drive profit. He is the creator of Clockwork, a powerful method to make any business run on automatic. In his 2020 release Fix This Next, Mike details the strategy businesses can use to determine what to do, in what order, to ensure healthy, fast, permanent growth (and avoid debilitating distractions). His latest book Get Different (released September 21, 2021) will give you the tools to stand out in any market.

Today, Mike leads two new multi-million-dollar ventures, as he tests his latest business research for his books.

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