What we discussed in the epsisode:

  1. What made Curtis interested in becoming an entrepreneur [1:53]
  2. How Curtis deals with the crazy highs and lows of entrepreneurship [6:28]
  3. Following the basic business principles can make you successful [8:26]
  4. The biggest mistake that startup companies are doing [10:19]
  5. What’s inside The Entrepreneur’s Paradox [16:08]
  6. Rebooting your identity to turn your business into a rapid growth company [16:13]
  7. The three mountain ranges you can climb in your business [18:22]
  8. The four elements of success that entrepreneurs need to apply [20:25]
  9. Businesses don’t fail; entrepreneurs quit [21:46]
  10. Fear and imposter syndrome make entrepreneurs fail [22:37]
  11. How imagination predicts your reality [23:41]
  12. Eliminating fear by tapping into your personal power [25:18]
  13. Stop with the ‘should’s and start wanting it [29:46]

This week guest

Curtis Morley is a father, serial entrepreneur, educator, thought leader, coach, sought-after public speaker, and innovator. He’s the founder and CEO of The Entrepreneur’s Paradox and the man behind the best-selling book with the same name. With his years of experience working in the world of entrepreneurship, Curtis helps entrepreneurs break out of their paradox and improve the way they do business by changing their business, personal, and leadership principles. 

Connect with Curtis Morley on LinkedIn or visit his website to learn more about his book and his expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and technology.

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