The Kim Barrett Show Ep 026: Putting The Magic in Marketing with Carissa Hill

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Did you know that Facebook marketing isn’t just about running ads? While running Facebook ads provides the opportunity to reach a wide network of people, having more ads doesn’t necessarily lead to more sales conversions.

On top of that, it’s difficult to get sales from a cold audience, especially an audience that is used to getting tons of sales pitches. This makes it important to develop an emotional connection with your target market first.

In this episode, my friend, Carissa Hill, reveals the Facebook marketing strategy she uses that effectively contributed to her business growth. She doesn’t believe in running multiple ads, but prefers to have one ad running to grow her audience. Today, she explains to us the difference between Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising. Carissa also shares how she’s been able to build a personal brand and how she leveraged that to grow her business.

If you’d been having problems with your Facebook marketing strategy, then this episode is perfect for you!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Carissa explains how she separates Facebook marketing and Facebook ads [3:16]
  2. The main strategy she used for selling her ebook [5:54]
  3. The new strategy she uses to run an ad targeting her ideal people [7:51]
  4. Why it’s important to develop an emotional connection [9:20]
  5. Her thought process on providing value and content [10:39]
  6. Top things to consider when launching your personal brand [11:55]
  7. What is the lead time for generating sales? [14:11]
  8. The art of building your personal brand together with your business [17:21]
  9. How to figure out which ads work for you [22:05]

About Carissa Hill

Carissa Hill helps people grow businesses with Facebook. She has successfully sold her ebook on how she used Facebook to grow her chain of hair and beauty salons. Now, she helps people with her simple strategy of building personal brands to make money. She also runs a Facebook group called Coffee With Carissa that has helped generate leads for her while adding massive value to her followership. Fun fact: she loves pink and sparkles.

Check out Carissa’s website. You may also reach her on  Instagram, YouTube, and  Facebook.

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