Kim has travelled the world and delivered his world-class marketing expertise (and wittiness!) across 12+ countries. So far Kim has had the opportunity to co-host the Experts of the Secrets Mastermind alongside Rhonda and Brian Swan from the Unstoppable Family in Bali, facilitate a roundtable discussion at Funning Hacking Live in Orlando and speak at Social Media Camp in Vancouver (whereby he was named as a top 3 speaker).


“We have been fortunate enough to work with thousands of service based businesses and entrepreneurs over the years, showing them that their business can thrive online with our proven approach. Not only do we do businesses marketing for them, but we have an arm of our business where we educate business owners on how to effectively market themselves also. As we are in the trenches, adapting and learning daily in a changing landscape, we have one of the most leading-edge educational programs where anyone can truly become the Mogul of their industry by being a part of it, and executing upon everything we teach”

- Kim Barrett

Kim is experienced in a myriad of marketing strategies, with his expertise lying in social media marketing, specifically Facebook Advertising. He is a million dollar marketing strategist and has worked with clients to generate in excess of 15 million dollars in revenue.

He has been fortunate enough to work on campaigns that promoted Gary Vee, Caleb Maddix and Reese Witherspoon. Kim received a ‘2 Comma Club Award’ for Your Social Voice – generating over a million dollars through one funnel. Some other million dollar client case studies include; Unstoppable Family (online business and branding), Jimi McDonald (gym’s), Wild Success (Personal and business development), Jono Petriholos (fitness education), and many more.



Kim Barrett is a world renown Social Media Marketer, focussing on Facebook. He Is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer, having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures.